1 NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 4 Answers

Here are Episode 4’s correct answers for the interactive NBA 2K17 2KTV quiz to win VC. You can access NBA2KTV on your console or the MyNBA2K17 App.

If you are looking to get VC for free in NBA 2K17, what could be the best way other than watching 2KTV episodes and answering easy questions? The answers for the NBA 2K17 2KTV episode 4 are here, so just head to the 2KTV option from the main menu and answer the questions to earn free VC and rewards. Find the questions, their answers and details on the rewards you can get this week from the NBA 2K17 2KTV episode 4.

Q.1 Who does Zach LaVine play for?

Answer: Timberwolves (100VC)

Q.2 Who do you think has the best signature dunk?

Answer: Players’ Choice (50VC)

Q.3 Who won last year’s slam dunk contest?

Answer: Zach LaVine (100VC)

Q.4 Most 3s LaVine hit in a game?

Answer: 6 (NA)

Q.5 Who wins PIG?

Answer: Players’ Choice (50VC)

Q.6 Play of the week?

Answer: Players’ Choice (50VC)

Q.7 What do you need to take away from the Warriors?

Answer: Three (100VC)

Q.8 Tempo of the game?

Answer: Slow the pace (100VC)

Q.9 When Zaza sets a ball screen, what to do?

Answer: Trap ball handler (2KTV Shirt)

As players get free rewards every time 2K Games releases a new episode, this year fans are not happy with the amount of VC they are receiving from this in-game feature. This year, the rewards are lower than the episodes from the previously launched titles as the company is replacing VC rewards with free goodies such as t-shirts and accessories for many questions.

This week’s episode has brought some tough questions that players might find challenging to answer. So before you start answering, just make sure that you’ve kept these answers with you.

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